Remembering Crystal

Crystal’s Page is for anyone who has ever looked out upon the world and considered it’s dualistic nature, the world of opposites, good and evil, right and wrong, life and death, and found themselves afraid.

Crystal was found to have bone cancer in 1998, shortly after her eighth birthday. The enormous sense of fear and guilt that comes with the responsibility of caring and protecting a child was overwhelming. We struggled with the right and wrong of medicine and it’s alternatives. We questioned, why us, a family that respected the body by eating right and believed in physical fitness, how could we have a child with cancer, a disease that wars against itself within it’s host as if it were separate-just like good and evil in the world? We had to resolve our fears in this world of seeming opposites and everyone who knows us or comes to know Crystal will be challenged to do the same.

The lessons that came through Crystal’s life were loud and clear for our family.

This world is not our home and we are not our bodies and none of us are separate from each other. We are all one in Spirit. Fear resides in this world of seeming opposites and separation, but so does love and union. We must remember who we are in order to return to infinity and beyond.

Crystal was a beam of light in this world of opposites to remind us of our mission.

May she rest in peace because she is now truly awake.