Kabboord’s Martial Arts School

“Here at Kabboord’s Martial Arts School we strive to help people discover their personal power and to accomplish all that they desire. Although society has historically viewed the martial arts as a barbaric means to resolve conflict, we consider ourselves educators for peace. Our vision is for our school to be recognized as a place where the martial arts are used as a means to resolve or avoid conflict through understanding and respect for individual differences.”        

- Sensei Steve Kabboord

  1. Life Skills School

  2. Family Values

  3. Separate Classes by age

  4. Private Lessons for beginners

  5. Okinawan Karate

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“To Infinity and Beyond”

Junior Karate


Our Junior Karate Program is specifically for children ages 7 to 13 years old. Participation in our Junior Program will give your child a strong, erect body and posture. The kids gain respect for themselves. They learn how to interact with other, and they overcome their fears of participating. They gain self confidence. They learn how to defend themselves should the need arise. The training will not make a “bully” out of your child and the instructors discourage mis-using acquired skills and knowledge. The training develops coordination and promotes poise and graceful movement. It is equally beneficial for girls as well as boys.